Accomodation in Älvdalen

There are several alternatives to choose from in Älvdalen. At the Campingground we have cabins and cottages in different sizes.

Älvdalens Fiskecenter
1. 30 m2, 4* (+2) Beds, Pentry, TV, Shower, WC
2. 32 m2, 4 (+2) Beds, Kitchen, TV, Shower, WC
3. 60 m2, 6 (+2) Beds, Kitchen, TV, Shower, WC.
4. 36 m2, 4 Beds, Pentry, TV, WC.
*our bunk-beds are 120 cm wide. Only 100 m to the river!
5. 16 m2 cottages with bunk-beds, refrigerator, hot-plate for cooking and cold running water. Showers and toilets are located in the main service building.

At the camping there are also smaller cabins with 2 Beds, places for Caravans and tents, Indoor swimmingpool, Minigolf, Cafeteria and two sheltered fire-pits are available for grilling over an open fire.

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