Flyfishing in Älvdalen, Sweden

– We know all there is to know about fishing in Älvdalen…

Älvdalen is situated in the north corner of the Dalarna province close to the mountains, approximately 40 km north of Mora.

Älvdalen offers a great variety of fishing possibilities from stream-fishing to fishing in ponds, lakes and brooks.

The area has approximately 230 km of rivers and streams and 400 lakes and ponds all included in the same fishing licence. In the streams you will find trout and grayling and in lakes and ponds trout and char. Welcome to splendid wilderness fishing in the heart of Sweden. Fishing season opens in May and In our shop you’ll find everything you need to make your fishing-trip a successful one.continues until the end of Oktober.

Experience fishing in an untouched wilderness!

Älvdalens Fiskecenter is situated at the Älvdalens Camping, not far from the town centre.

We are specialized in fishing in the Älvdalen area and we will do our very best to help you to make your angling experience something to remember.

Need to update your fishing gear? In our shop you will find anything you need. We are glad to help.

Is it the first time you visit Älvdalen, or are you having problems with “cracking the code”? Our guides can help you work things out. A whole day, a half day or maybe just for an hour.

Courses for the experienced flyfisher as well as the beginner. Learn different ways to cast a fly. How to fish a dryfly in the streams. How to use a nymph or a streamer. It’s our goal to make you a better fisherman.
Our guides will teach you everything about techniques, choice of flies and tactics.

At the center you can rent boats, floattubes, waders, spinning- and flyequipment.

Fishing permits: One day 50,- / Three days 130,- / Week 200,- / Year 500,- – All prices in Swedish kronor / SEK

– Welcome to Älvdalens Fiskecenter.

Flyfishing in Älvdalen - Sweden
Flyfishing in Älvdalen - Sweden